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January 09 2016

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i like to make animal characters became humans 

January 07 2016

January 06 2016

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Going back on my blog and seeing that KawoShin stuff I reposted inspired me to draw him one last time. 

In memory of my massive crush I had on Kaworu 2 years ago [*]

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my new years resolution is to……*spins wheel*…uh…..*throws dart*

happy 2016! its practically still new years, so i made these handy GIFS to determine what you need to do more of this year. take a screenshot and to find out what ya get! (dont remove plz:  (fast gifs multiple gifs epilepsy)  )

I am now dating anime

Touch god? 

I guess I’ll believe in memes from now on.

January 05 2016

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I live for these Neko Atsume gifs

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this is so wholesome


when someone says, “Oh, shut up, you know you love me!”:


September 21 2015

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Reposted fromcieniu cieniu viaradaetyki radaetyki

September 16 2015

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It’s been 11 years

June 01 2015

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【IA】 キメラ 【MV】 official music video

May 12 2015

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【ONE(CeVIO)】 로미오와 신데렐라/ロミオとシンデレラ

April 29 2015

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[MJQ x EmpathP] Ft. 初音ミク - Target
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[VOCALOID Original PV] Hard-Disk Hide and Seek [AVANNA]

April 28 2015


April 27 2015

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[SeeU/시유] Good Bye

April 17 2015

April 08 2015

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【心華XinHua】美麗氣象Beautiful weather【Original】

April 07 2015

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【MMD】Tdaミク☆ぶれないアイで Mitchie M
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飛び出せ授業!/ラマーズP (PS Vitaうた組み575)
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보라,시유(Vora & SeeU) 듀엣곡_승인 - M/V
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