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April 07 2015

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飛び出せ授業!/ラマーズP (PS Vitaうた組み575)
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보라,시유(Vora & SeeU) 듀엣곡_승인 - M/V

April 06 2015

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「ONA Demo」 Viu-la 「VOCALOIDカバー曲」 「Bilingual VOCALOID Voctro-Labs」
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March 29 2015

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A style meme… with my cat!

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【AMV】アウターサイエンス/じん ft. ONE

March 27 2015

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March 21 2015

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Vocaloid PRIMA - Romeiro ao lonxe (Scarborugh fair)
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【GACKT & Kamui Gakupo】 Vanilla (Romanji + English + Polish Lyrics) + MP3 Download
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Gakupo Extend 「いろは唄 Piano Ver.」 VOCALOIDカバー
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Tei Sukone ~ Chain [Kusari] ~ [ Traduction en français + Romaji Karaoké ]

March 20 2015

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Virtual Idol STELLA 'Twilight Teardrops'

March 17 2015

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【VOCALOID】 ME!ME!ME! (Full Version) feat. Hatsune Miku, VY1V4, GUMI [+ Instrumental]

March 16 2015

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Whoop there it is

Remember kids, if someone speaks funny in a language it’s probably because they know more than one language… and if you were going to make fun of them you probably only know one. 

"Do you know how smart I am in Spanish?" That’s mad real. People really think that people who aren’t super fluent in their second language are less than intelligent. Simple ass mindset.

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No. I don’t dislike Miku. Actually, I really like her. But I like her for what she is, not for what people pretend her to be.
Hatsune Miku is considered by many as the most popular and worldwide known Vocaloid (and that’s TRUE) but is NOT because “She’s the best vocaloid ever created”. In fact, Miku is really down in the quality list compared to all the other Vocaloids (though she’s still an amazing voice).
Her popularity was caused by certain factors unrelated to her voice, being the most notorious:
1) Viral internet spread. We all know the Ievan Polkka (ievan, not Levan) song and video. That thing got viral in Japan and spread her aknowledgment. Plus, a number of Internet memes along with well planned merchandise increaded her popularity.
2) Otakus: Japanese otakus discovered an amazing creativity chance when they were able to purchase the voice of a “moe, young teenage girl” to sing whatever they want. Also, Miku’s design was specifically created using certain archetypes and visual elements that are appealing for that sector (anime schoolgirl, fantasy theme, young kawaii concept, etc.)

BUT, why do VY1 being the queen is a fact? Obviously, I’m not using the term “QUEEN” in the same way most fans use it. I’m using queen as a way to point out that the really important, and the most representative Vocaloid between all the whole 80 voicebanks is, by default, VY1.

Let’s compare two things in a very objective way:

1) Hatsune Miku is not the main interest nor the face of the official Vocaloid website. Actually, YAMAHA treats Hatsune Miku as any other Vocaloid library. She’s just another product. No matter if she’s internationally recognized or the most popular.

2) In contrast, YAMAHA themselves use VY1 as the standard library in any Vocaloid engine and derivatives. VY1 is the only library in the whole “vocaloid family” that has is fully compatible with ALL the Vocaloid engines (even VOCALOID1, and recently, VOCALOID4)
This is because VY1 is their most high quality, professional female vocaloid product, and that’s a fact, not something stated by me.

Those engines are:
VOCALOID2, VOCALOID3, VOCALOID4, VOCALOID NEO, iVOCALOID, VocaloWitter, VOCALOID First, eVY1 & eVY1 module (a chip that uses a version of the VOCALOID1 engine), VOCALOOP, and the engine included in Daigasso! Band Brothers P

Yes, though Miku is worldwide known, has concerts, events and tons of merchandise, she’s not the most important vocaloid for the creators and the owners of VOCALOID (YAMAHA), giving her the same status of any other vocaloid product. While VY1, even if is not recognized, nor popular or widely known, it’s the most important product and the “face” of YAMAHA’s VOCALOID engines.

Some words in defense:

"There are much better musicians using Miku than all the other vocaloids"

Partially true. Yes, there are thousands of musicians using Hatsune Miku (V2, V3 and Appends) in a much better way, but that’s just because Miku is a really easy to use vocaloid. Her voice is soft and cutesy in her raw state so you don’t have to be really skilled to make her sound good. That’s why musicians using her focus more on the music rather than the vocaloid programming. It explains why the most popular vocaloid songs have great tunes, yet, really weak Vocaloid programming (Triple Baka, The Dissappearance of Hatsune Miku, Rolling Girl, etc.)

"If other vocaloids, like VY1, are much better quality, why Miku is still the most used, huh?"
As said before, Miku is easy to use. Her low quality is not related to her being really user-friendly or the way she is used. The low quality is related to her particular voicestyle and technollogy. She was created using cheap resources, using a seiyuu (voice actress) instead of a professional/skilled singer, with very few development time and a limited japanese phonetical data. In contrast, other vocaloids are created with much better quality, making them, in consequence, complex to use. It’s like using a hammer to break down a wall and using a wrecking ball machine. The second one is more effective but the hammer is easier to use. Also, japanese producers tend to use Miku more because, obviously, if you want to become a famous Vocaloid artist, you’ll have more chances to be recognized if you use a popular vocaloid instead of a lesser known character.

"Miku will always be the queen, you baka!"
As said on the picture, she’s the queen according to fans, and that’s not wrong, Vocaloid Fandom is a democracy, so you have a total freedom to choose your faves, but you also have the obligation of keeping yourself well-informed about what you like, and spread the correct information, just like any other fandom.

Remember, this is an informative post, I’m not trying to promote Miku hate, and if you use it with those purposes, shame on you, because that’s horrible. I’m trying to spread correct information to all vocaloid fans. This fandom is always terribly misinformed, sadly. If you like Miku, you should like her for what she is (an amazing, cute and really appealing vocaloid voicebank and character), not for what you pretend her to be (a queen, a diva and the best thing in the world ever created)

Lets reminds people of other amazing vocaloids that aren’t Miku and friends such as;

•VY2= VY1s high quality “male” counterpart who arguably is the best masculine/feminine voicebank

•IA/IA ROCKS=high quality female voice bank that has “rivaled” miku with her design and singing and has also had an anime series related to her too

•Nekomura Iroha= based of hello kitty and was voiced by an anonymous PROFESSIONAL singer which sounds mature and is VERY powerful

•V flower= a female/male voicebank much better suited (or at least made) for rock songs instead of Miku,Luka or Rin. Shes also very realistic and powerful.

•Yohioloid= A male voice bank that both english and japanese (which fights the argument to “why are there no deep male english vocaloids that sound good”).

•ZOLA project= a somewhat realistic male TRIO voicebank that can be made to harmonize

•Yuzuki yukari= can SPEAK (in JAP and ENG)and sing realistically and has a somewhat cute design

•Utatane Piko= who unlike Len has an ACTUAL male voice and can reach high and low notes.


Vocaloids such as GUMI ENGLISH, OLIVER and YOHIOloid have better english that mikus.


Thanks for reblogging! But, to keep the info very clear and as additional notes, I’ll point some facts that will complement your text.

● V-Flower is a FEMALE vocaloid, but her VOICE was described as “androginous” (not the character), it doesn’t means she’s male/female, it just means she has a boyish voice.

● Also, the best english voicebank, over all the others at this moment has been proved to be AVANNA, the most professional female english vocaloid. Also, Sweet Ann and Prima both compete as the most realistic and natural english voicebanks for VOCALOID2 ever created. And yup, they’re as good as YOHIOloid and OLIVER.

● Yuzuki Yukari is a VOICEROID+ product, but she DON’T speak in english, only in japanese, though she can produce diverse sounds like giggles, hoorays and babbles.

●YOHIOloid is actually a quite treble male voicebank (along with KAITO English) but BIG-AL and LEON both are the most deep, manly sounding english vocaloids (and Tonio, though he is not very realistic when not used properly) Also, a new male english vocaloid by Voctro labs was hinted some months ago, and he sounds really deep and sophisticated.


You’ll forgot about MAIKA, a Spanish VOCALOID whose quality is really high, can emulate other languages as well and handles nice any note you add on VOCALOID3. Her clarity and multilanguage ability has been even denoted by Wat, Crypton’s CEO.

Nah I’m p sure Miku is the queen

I saw a Miku concert streamed here in the US that had tickets sold out. No other Vocaloid will achieve that status here.

Popularity is not a factor related to quality. Crack and crime both are also pretty popular worldwide yet it doesn’t means they’re good.
Plus, Miku performed at Nokia Theater, with a capability for more-less 7,000 spectators. Even the not-so-popular human artists/bands have over 9,000 tickets sold at a live event. And the average number for a “big” concert are 30-50,000 assistants.
Also, if we talk about number of assistants as an achievement, Vocaloid Avanna performed through all America “Sad Machine” and “Goodbye to a World” in the “Worlds Tour” thanks to Porter Robinson, with over 10,000 assistants on EACH performance. Miku only had one with 7,000 assistants.
So, Avanna technically is the vocaloid that has performed with most number of assistants in America.

Again, I’m stating the facts so you can get properly informed.

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Some important Vocaloid achievements ignored by the Vocaloid fandom. Some of them are (wrongly) assigned to Hatsune Miku.

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Megurine Luka V4X - Soleil
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【UTAUカバー】 ローリンガール (Rolling Girl) 重音テト「力み」(RIKIMI)+「叫び」(SAKEBI)
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【IA/IA_ROCKS・Megurine Luka V4x DEMO】雨夢楼【VOCALOID4カバー】

March 15 2015

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【初音ミクAppend DARK】My worth is death【オリジナル曲】
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